I am a Research Associate at IZA.

I will be visiting the University of Oxford in May 2023.

My research is on the intersection of labor economics, behavioral economics, and household finance. I am interested in labor supply and financial decision of households, particularly aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioral foundations underlying these choices and how they are influenced by the institutional environment.

For my projects, I use a range of advanced econometric methods and utlilize both self-collected survey data and administrative data sets. I enjoy working on complex research projects that require advanced computational skills and state-of-the-art data science techniques.

I made significant contributions to the development of GETTSIM, an open-source model of the German tax and transfer system. I apply GETTSIM in both my research and a project commissioned by the German Ministry of Family Affairs on the effects of a new basic child security (Kindergrundsicherung).

On the following pages, you find my publications, my ongoing research projects, and my CV.